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Alcohol-Related Crimes

It’s no great secret that alcohol has the ability to influence our behavior. Excessive alcohol use can lower inhibitions and push us to commit acts that we would typically never do if we were in a proper state of mind. As a result, many violent crimes have been linked with excessive alcohol consumption.

You’ll often hear stories of people who are mortified by their own behavior as a friend recounts ┬áthe events of a previous night. “I would never do that” they often claim, but the reality of the situation is people often act uncharacteristically while under the influence of alcohol.

Researchers have been working tirelessly to assemble statistics that prove the correlation between drugs, alcohol, and crime. The results paint a picture that is common throughout the country — drugs and alcohol fuel crime.

Binge drinking in particular lies at the core of many of these crimes. During a binge drinking session, an individual may become intoxicated to the point where their physical senses, as well as their sense of judgment, become severely impaired. Therefore, they’re more susceptible to engage in acts of violence and crime.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking alcohol in moderation, but always be aware of the effects that alcohol consumption has on your body. It only takes one crime to flip your life on its axis completely. Even a minor misdemeanor can significantly affect your ability to find long-term employment.

Let’s not forget about the legal trouble you could possibly find yourself in. How many days are you willing to spend in jail due to a drunken rampage? How much are you willing to spend in court fees? You should also think about all of the people around you that you could injure, including yourself.

Jail cells are full to bursting with criminals who have been arrested for alcohol-fueled crimes. Their crimes range from minor offenses that come with relatively light sentences to serious crimes, such as murder, which could land them in prison for a lifetime or worse. At the time of their arrest, many offenders often have three times the legal limit of alcohol in their system.

Common crimes fueled by alcohol

Arguably, you could say alcohol has influenced every type of crime imaginable at one point or another. However, we’ll talk about the most common crimes associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

Domestic violence

Alcoholism doesn’t just affect the user; it also affects their family and friends. There are a variety of factors that could lead a person to excessive drinking — money problems, a rocky marriage, work-related stress, etc. Sometimes these factors become too much for a person to bear and they turn to alcohol to escape their troubles.

With alcohol fueling their actions and intensifying their emotions, an individual may turn to abusing their family. There are countless cases of men hitting their wives while in a drunken rage, or mothers abusing their children while intoxicated.


Certain parts of the country are plagued by cases of robbery. Believe it or not, many thefts aren’t committed by career criminals, but by individuals who are desperate and seeking to better their situation.

Sadly, alcohol can boost these feelings of desperation which may cause a person to commit a theft. That’s when the snowball effect kicks in. One robbery can turn into two, two robberies can turn into three, and suddenly a perfectly law-abiding citizen transmogrifies into a career criminal.

Sadder yet is the fact that some people turn to robbery to fuel their alcohol addiction which they’ll in turn consume to commit more robberies! A vicious never-ending cycle is established and will continue until the robber is caught and sent to prison.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault occurs when a person tries to force themselves sexually upon another person without their consent. This can involve touching, kissing, and penetration. We’ve already established that drinking can fuel anger and lower inhibitions which may spur an individual in the right setting to sexually assault someone else.

A common scenario where sexual assault takes place are college frat parties. These types of parties have a legendary reputation for excessive drinking and copious sexual activity. This creates an atmosphere where sexual assault occurs on a regular basis. At the center of it all — alcohol.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault occurs when an altercation turns physical between two parties. Alcohol leads to mood swings and extreme irritability. One thing leads to another, and suddenly a fight breaks out. Hostile feelings and impaired judgment can quickly lead to a dangerous situation, and you might just find yourself with an aggravated assault charge.


We all know what homicide is. It occurs when one person murders another. Sadly, alcohol can be connected to countless cases of homicide around the world. In the United States, alcohol has been linked to more homicide cases than any other illegal substance, including cocaine and heroin.

When it comes to alcohol-related murders, binge drinking is typically the culprit. With feelings of anger and other emotions heightened by alcohol, an individual may lash out in a drunken rage and unintentionally commit a murder. It doesn’t help that alcohol interferes with judgment, which could cause a person to commit a murder without thinking about the consequences. If they had been in a proper state of mind they likely would have handled the situation in another way.

Fighting alcohol-related crimes

Alcohol-related crimes are real, and they’re common. If you struggle with alcoholism, there are many programs set up to help you get your life on track. It’s not worth throwing away your life because of a crime you committed while under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol isn’t worth the risk of ruining your life as well as the lives of your friends and family. There are a variety of groups that you can join, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) that can help you. Get the help you need, so you don’t have to worry about committing a crime while under the influence and ruining your life.

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